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X-FLEX participates in the next BRIDGE General Assembly

The next BRIDGE General Assembly presenting the latest developments of the initiative will take place Online on March 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2022. High-level representatives from the Directorate-General for Energy will share the last policy updates.

X-FLEX representatives will participate in different working group sessions such as:

  • Plenary 1.1: Presentation of 2021 actions by Working Groups
  • Focus Topic – Digitalisation
  • Parallel Session 4 – Data Management WG 2/2

Check out the agenda.

Contributions to BRIDGE

X-FLEX partners participate actively in several activities in different Working Groups (WG) and Task Force (TF) of BRIDGE, concretly:

  • WG: Data Management
  • WG: Regulation
  • TF: Energy Communities & Self-Consumption
  • TF: Replicability & Scalability

The deliverable D2.3 explains in detail all information concerning X-FLEX’s members, activities, and contributions within BRIDGE.

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