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X-FLEX participates in the BRIDGE General Assembly 2021

From 2 to 4 March, the X-FLEX project has participated in several sessions of the online BRIDGE General Assembly which aimed presenting the latest developments of the initiative.  The Assembly was the occasion to present the latest activities by the BRIDGE Working Groups and Task Forces during the last period and to strengthen the collaboration between projects and discuss the future BRIDGE topics in 2021.

X-FLEX has participated in the parallel session of “Data Management” Working Group. The purpose of this session was to discuss the setting-up and governance of  a BRIDGE repository for use-cases, roles, and an approach to managing contributions from BRIDGE projects to standardisation (gaps identification, extension/modification of standards).

The project coordinator of X-FLEX presented together with other experts the final version of the Use-case repository. After the discussion with different stakeholders, some conclusions and next steps of this Action were identified:

  • The repository will be hosted within EIRIE platform.
  • The plan is to expand the repository to other WGs of BRIDGE but also to other initiatives and stakeholders, such as ETIP SNET.
  • The tool will be managed by SPRING project representatives.
  • The content will be under Creative Commons license for Excel and XML use case files and Apache2 for the tools to process the input and generate the website. This will allow the redistribution and modification of written code, so that anyone can not only use it, but also adapt/improve.
  • Some additional features will be included in the near future, such as: export the use cases to Word, including uses cases  diagram files in the Excel workflow (already included in XML. workflow), categorization / indexing for advanced search, and potential use of the repository beyond use-cases.

Also, X-FLEX presented its goals emphasizing the integration of the electric vehicle during the session Electric Vehicle Energy Flexibility.  

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