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X-FLEX final event at Sustainable Places Conference

On the 15th of June, X-FLEX will hold its final event at the Sustainable Places Conference 2023 in Madrid. The event titled “Digital tools to increase flexibility and sustainability of our energy system” will showcase the final results of the project, which focuses on integrating emerging decentralized renewable energy sources (RES) and flexibility systems into the existing European energy system. Additionally, the event will feature two other Horizon 2020 projects, e-balance, Synergy, and FLOW which will present their results and the impact generated during the projects and beyond.

The integration of digital technologies has transformed energy systems across Europe, improving their safety, productivity, accessibility, and sustainability. Digitalisation has the potential to break down boundaries between energy sectors, increasing flexibility and enabling integration across entire systems. Numerous European projects are working in this field, utilizing digital technologies to create more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy systems.

The workshop aims to present the ICT tools developed and demonstrated in these Horizon 2020 projects. These tools enable the penetration of renewable energies in the European energy system, improving the sustainability and resilience of the grid. They balance the supply, storage, and demand of energy, making the energy system more flexible, and facilitating the integration of decentralised renewable energy sources. These solutions will enable all the energy actors to control and manage their part of the grid in a more efficient way and participate actively in the energy market. The end-users of these tools could be citizens, energy communities, DSO, TSO, Market Operator, etc. in order to cover the energy value chain. This way, it will be possible to create a win-win situation, providing benefits and more power to both the grid operators and the final consumers, building greener and more liveable cities.

Furthermore, the workshop will analyse the preliminary economic, environmental, and social impact assessment results of the projects. These results have been calculated with data gathered during the demonstration phase, and the lessons learned from this analysis will be presented. The replication roadmaps will be presented for scaling-up the projects’ solutions to be applied on a large scale and in different real-world settings, creating synergies among the projects.

Overall, the event will be a significant opportunity to learn more about the cutting-edge ICT tools that are enabling the integration of renewable energy sources and flexibility systems into the European energy system. The results of these projects will provide valuable insights and lessons for future energy system transformations, driving Europe towards a more sustainable, reliable, and resilient energy future.

Check the agenda here.

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