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X-FLEX consortium visits the pilot of Ravne

Between 21-22 March 2023, the X-FLEX consortium celebrated its 9th General Meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and visited Ravne na Koroskem, one of the four pilot sites. The event was hosted by the University of Ljubljana and Petrol.

During the meeting the partners showed the demonstrations activities done in the four pilot sites, the impact assessment and the potential replication of X-FLEX developments, and the exploitation actions ahead, and discussed the final event, where all final results and lessons learned will be exposed.  But also, it was an opportunity to discuss unresolved matters and outline future actions.

Petrol organised a tour through ZGO Ravne to visit the P2H boiler installation, and other devices, such as CHP units, gas units, waste heat units, solar power plants, as well as the district heating control room.  

Ravne na Koroškem is a small remote town (population of 7,268) with poor transport connection in the northeast part of Slovenia, known for its steel industry. The town is divided into residential, where ELCE is the Distribution system operators (DSO), and industrial areas, where PETROL has a role of the DSO. PETROL also owns and operates electricity and heat production, operates district heating, and sanitary hot water distribution for the town Ravne na Koroškem.

The event was crucial in determining the final actions as X-FLEX approaches the final months of their work.

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