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X-FLEX results published in CORDIS News

The latest CORDIS News spotlights the groundbreaking achievements of the X-FLEX project. Through insightful articles, CORDIS sheds light on how X-FLEX’s innovative tools are revolutionising the energy landscape.

One article delves into X-FLEX’s expertise in harnessing energy flexibility, showcasing its novel solutions for grid stakeholders to optimise decentralised assets for a more resilient energy system.

Additionally, CORDIS underscores X-FLEX’s key role in the digitalisation drive reshaping the energy future. Alongside other EU-funded initiatives, X-FLEX is spearheading the transition towards a Net Zero economy by integrating renewables and bolstering digital infrastructure. This transformative journey not only aligns with the EU’s long-term energy and climate objectives but also reinforces Europe’s energy independence and security.

Moreover, CORDIS’s Results Pack spotlights 15 Horizon research projects, emblematic of the EU’s commitment to a digitalised, green, and resilient energy ecosystem. The pack highlights pivotal areas such as the establishment of a Europe-wide data sharing framework for innovative energy services and empowering consumers through enhanced digital participation tools. Furthermore, it emphasises the surge in adoption of digital technologies across the energy sector, coupled with robust cybersecurity measures to meet real-time demands.

By showcasing X-FLEX’s solutions for optimising decentralised flexible energy assets, CORDIS reaffirms its role as the platform for disseminating results from EU-funded projects, driving innovation and progress towards a sustainable future.


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