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Working on the BRIDGE Use Case Repository Tool

X-FLEX partners, under ETRA’s coordination,  has been working in the development of the first version of a “Use Case Repository Tool” in the context of the European Commission BRIDGE initiative.

This tool has been created as part of the Data Management Working Group of the BRIDGE initiative, and specifically in the Action 1 “Use case repository”, led by ETRA. The objective of this action is to create an easily accessible Use Case repository for stakeholders with different background, based on the Use-Case Methodology defined in the standard IEC 62559-2:2015.

So far, two formats to describe use cases are supported by means of this tool: Excel documents and XML files. However, the solution is built in a modular way, so new use case formats can be added without changing the existing setup.

The tool has been based on a previous version of the Platone project, which has also participated in the development of this new version of the tool.

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