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What’s new in X-FLEX platform?

The purpose of the X-FLEX platform is to offer reliable middleware that will facilitate the communication and data exchanges between the systems that participate in the X-FLEX project (e.g. X-FLEX tools, field assets of pilot sites, etc.).

During the previous months, the consortium worked on the development of the X-FLEX platform based on the designed specifications defined at the beginning of the project. Specifically, the X-FLEX platform general-purpose modules, namely weather service provider, temporal series forecasting, data mapping/data model converters, Business Process Model and Notation workflows, virtual sensors, and complex event processors have been implemented in the X-FLEX platform. Furthermore, the data sources of the pilot sites have been integrated into the platform.

This was an essential step toward the realization of X-FLEX use cases since the necessary data from the pilot sites are now available to the X-FLEX tools to perform their calculations. A lab version of the X-FLEX platform was deployed in a staging environment to test the data integration and developed functionalities. Using this lab version as a test environment, several test cases were examined to reassure that the platform operates as it is expected fulfilling all the requirements of the X-FLEX project. At this phase of the project, the deployment of the X-FLEX platform in the production environment is performed in order to start testing X-FLEX solutions in real conditions.

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