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What’s new in SERVIFLEX?

The final version of the SERVIFLEX tool is available, embedding all functionalities pertaining to the toolchain from collecting raw data to extracting asset level flexibility profiles to further managing them in order to establish optimal Virtual Power Plant (VPP) composition for the delivery of grid services.

The main technical innovation of the SERVIFLEX tool is the clustering and segmentation mechanisms that have been incorporated into the tool in order to handle the multi-type Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) on the basis of their actual, locally estimated flexibility, enabling the configuration of dynamic Virtual Power Plants, rather than matching the assumed flexibility profiles of specific assets to a generic class and then extracting flexibility estimations.

 In addition, an intuitive user interface has been made available to the business stakeholders (demand side aggregators) for prompt management and business optimization of the different types of DERs that are part of the portfolio.

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