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What is new in X-FLEX pilot sites?

Xanthi pilot site, Greece, has started taking shape through the cooperation between the pilot partners (HEDNO, SUNLIGHT) and tool developers (ETRA, S5, ICCS). The main focus is concentrated on the preparation of the demo site to test GRIDFLEX and SERVIFLEX tools.

Three MV lines from the demo area have been included in the demo execution, along with the assets connected on them and the corresponding data collected from this area.

The successful definition of the demo framework plays a key role to the implementation of the scenarios proposed addressing: a) customers’ and DSO requirements under the effect of extreme weather events and b) increased RES penetration.

The three selected lines cover urban and rural areas with diverse characteristics in terms of area, loads, RES penetration level and infrastructure operated. The collection of data has been started using different operational systems of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO), like SCADA, GIS and AMI. Additional metering devices have been installed at three MV/LV substations to facilitate the collection of data needed for grid planning purposes on LV network (see pic) providing real time measurements from the field.

Further advancements are expected and planned in order to get prepared in time for the deployment of the developed X-FLEX tools.

Also, the other three pilot sites of X-FLEX are making progress.

Albena, Bulgaria

Albena AD, along with the Electricity System Operator of Bulgaria, have been busy over the summer manually testing the vision for the Bulgarian pilot demonstration. Having achieved great results, the pilot will help the rest of the consortium  to make project’s vision a reality.

Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia 

In September, with the help of X-FLEX partner PETROL, the construction works for 6 MW electrode boiler have been proceeding according to plan. The construction gets its final shape with a steel construction and facade deployment. 6MWt cooling station has also been installed.

This is a decisive step towards the final goal of providing flexibility and ancillary services for the TSO and to optimize the combined operation of CHP units and the electrode boiler (RES Power2Heat).

Luče, Slovenia 

In October, with the help of X-FLEX partner PETROL, the pilot site Luče in Slovenia has been enriched with 9 household smart electric vehicles chargers.

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