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The Top 5 Achievements Of 2020

There is no doubt the 2020 will always be remembered in our memory. Even if 2020 was challenging year, X-FLEX partners have done a lot of work to reach their goals.

Here the top 5 X-FLEX achievements of 2020!

  1. The Project inception plan and best practices report has been delivered which includes the analysis of best practices coming from other initiatives and projects and the current policies and regulatory framework.
  2. The successful culmination of the “Use cases and requirements” definition will be considered as the foundation of the project in the rest of the Work Packages for reaching the X-FLEX project objectives.
  3. Large advances on the definition of the project architecture that will be mapped on requirements and use-cases described and the Key Performance Indicators that will be used to assess the project impact at the end of the project.
  4. Start on the design of the first developments that will integrate the whole X-FLEX solution.
  5. The project partners have been contributing actively in the BRIDGE initiative, especially in the Taskforce of Replicability & Scalability and in the Working Group of Data management, but also in the task force of TF of Energy Communities & Self-consumption and in Working Group of Regulation.

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