X Flex

Ravne na Koroškem (Slovenia)

Flexibility of the Power to heat on an industrial site 

Ravne na Koroškem is a small remote town (population 7,268) with poor transport connection in the north-east part of Slovenia, known for its steel industry. The town is divided into residential, where ELCE is the Distribution system operators (DSO), and industrial area, where PETROL has a role of the DSO. PETROL also owns and operates electricity and heat production, operates district heating and sanitary hot water distribution for the town Ravne na Koroškem. The areas are linked with 2x20kV between each other (DSO-DSO) and both have a direct connection to the TSO 110kV level (DSO-TSO). They also share the same district heating and hot sanitary water system. The medium voltage grid consists of 32 20/0.4 kV substations and one 110/20/5 kV substation, with approximately 10 km of 20 kV cable and 2 km of 5 kV cable.

  • 6 MW CHP units
  • 268 kW PV power plant
  • District heating system (residential & industry)
  • Sanitary hot water system
  • Natural gas distribution network
  • Power and heat network dispatch operation centre
  • 6 MW electrode boiler: to provide a fast-responding, flexible load-on-demand together with heat for the consumers;
  • 6 MWt cooling system: to improve district heating operation, help with the industrial waste heat management, and facilitate provision of ancillary services.
  • Smart meters

XFLEX project will provide flexibility on the electricity grid of Ravne na Koroškem by using synergies with the heat production (RES Power2Heat) and heat network operation to lower the imbalances in the network, to improve the reliability of electricity and heat supply and to demonstrate cooperation among key actors (DSO-DSO, DSO-TSO).