X Flex

Luče (Slovenia)

Flexibility of local energy community

Luče is a remote alpine village with 400 inhabitants in Slovenia. It has a low local network capacity with weak middle voltage overhead line connection from near-by town Ljubno. This results in two major problems, first is limited local RES production and the second is frequent power outages usually due to weather events. Inhabitants of Luče are very engaged in energy related topics and are included in the first local energy community (developing in Compile project) in Slovenia with various distributed flexible units. The DSO in Luče is ELCE, which is middle sized EU DSO.

  • Community battery: 150kW / 333 kWh
  • Several home batteries (2x 10 kW / 23,2 kWh, 10 kW / 11,6 kWh, 5 kW / 9,8 kWh in 3,5 kW / 7 kWh)
  • Solar PV (152 kW PV panels)
  • Wind generation
  • EV charging points (community and home)
  • 9x Smart meters
  • 9 x Home Energy Management System
  • Micro-grid controller
    • EV charging points
    • Biomass generation: 600 kWt
    • Smart meters

XFLEX project will provide in Luče flexibility to the energy grid from DER (Distributed Energy Resources) such as community battery, home batteries, PV and EV-charging units, to enable further RES (Renewable Energy Systems) penetration in the LV network that will improve the network operation costs and operational reliability inside the area operated by the DSO. As well as new ways to provide ancillary services to the DSO/TSO with fair remuneration to all actors involved.