X Flex


X-FLEX develops 4 complementary products that offer services to all the energy stakeholders, from network operators (TSO, DSO, microgrid operators) to final consumers/prosumers and flexibility providers, including other intermediate players, such as retailers and aggregators. These solutions will be tested in real conditions in 4 pilot sites in 3 EU Member states: Bulgaria, Slovenia and Greece.  

SERVIFLEX tool: Integrated flexibility management tool

The tool for flexibility managers to take advantage of the value of energy storage along with other demand flexibility resources towards the establishment of a holistic framework for flexibility extraction, profiling, forecasting, classification, clustering and management to serve different market and grid needs.

GRIDFLEX tool: Advanced tools for automatic control and observability

The tool for grid and microgrid operators that prevents congestion (voltage and current issues) and power quality problems with the increasing share of intermittent RES, giving special attention to the potential grid problems due to the impact of extreme climate events. The tool will use flexibility as an alternative to network reinforcement when it is more cost-efficient than traditional reinforcement of the network.

MARKETFLEX tool: Market platform and new market mechanisms

This tool enables final consumers and prosumers to access and participate, individually or through an intermediate party, on different energy markets, such as wholesale market, local energy market or ancillary services market for TSO or DSO.

X-FLEX platform: Flexible and scalable integrated platform

The platform integrates all the X-FLEX solutions in order to provide services for all the energy actors and ensure more secure, stable and clean energy supply.