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Pilot sites on the good track

During this period, in the pilot site of Xanthi (Greece), led by  HEDNO, the 1st round of integration of systems and interfaces with SLS’s demo assets in the X-FLEX ecosystem has begun along with the 1st round of testing of the first versions of XFLEX tools in the pilot site. The SLAM meter equipment installation procedure has already been initiated in Xanthi’s HEDNO premises, in residential customers as well as in some RES producers. Data gathering, data assessment, and data storage is another ongoing activity in the pilot. Furthermore, a V2G simulation scenario is under development by ICCS, in which an SLS’s commercial fleet vehicle operation and charging periods will be studied in terms of discharging back to the grid and charging the SLS batteries during different energy price tariff periods. The next steps of the Greek pilot site are:

  • Procurement of Heat Pump to be installed in HEDNO premises
  • Update in the topology of lines 33X and 42M due to further RES installation during the project. HEDNO’s Xanthi pilot has seen an increase of RES penetration since the beginning of the project by doubling the RES capacity in two of the three pilot MV lines.
  • Installation of monitoring equipment at 3 additional MV/LV substations
  • The 2nd round of algorithms, tools and interfaces.
  • Full integration with X-FLEX platform which ingests data coming from different assets and end users within X-FLEX ecosystem.
  • Testing of the ancillary service scenario between SLS – HEDNO. As a result, the flexibility offered by SLS to HEDNO could reduce the impact of an extreme weather event.

Albena pilot site (Bulgaria) is in the process of upgrading its assets and expanding its flexibility cloud with the conversion of more boiler rooms into controllable loads, automation of the biogas power plant, and further control of its battery system. This process took longer than scheduled due to COVID-19, delivery delays, and other external factors. Now Albena is back on track with more personnel and the ambition to fulfill all the project goals on time. Connection with the devices and the X-FLEX platform has been established and data is successfully delivered to the X-FLEX platform.

Combined in-season tests with ESO are foreseen by the end of the summer. Moreover, work on the task of Synthesis, scaling up and replication has already started as Albena is the leader of this task they are working in close collaboration with the partners from the University of Ljubljana and Johannem Research.

Albena was also honored to host the second project review meeting where site visits had been organized to the equipment involved in the project such as the boiler rooms, the battery, the biogas power plant, and the solar thermal and PV installations.

In the Ravne na Koroškem (Slovenia) pilot, partners are expecting the following weeks the first test activation of our 6 MW P2H boiler from ELES – Slovenian transmission system operator (TSO). The 6 MW boiler was purchased and installed with the help of the X-FLEX project, and it is the only kind of this technology in Slovenia. This test activation will be the opportunity for Petrol and ELES to assess the potential and functioning of the P2X technology in practice and its impact on the stabilisation of the transmission system in Slovenia and will be used as a showcase for the future implementation of similar technologies.

Finally, in Luče  (Slovenia) a workshop and testing of e-charging infrastructure is being scheduled to take place by the beginning of October. The aim of the workshop will be to demonstrate the potential of e-charging and other home infrastructure for providing flexibility and potential for stabilisation of the local LV electricity network. We will also be testing different predefined scenarios for e-charging in its impact on the grid and flexibility potential.

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