X Flex


D1.2 Data Management Plan

D1.3 Risk assessment report

D2.1 Project inception plan

D2.2 Use cases and requirements definition

D2.3 Obstacles to innovation - BRIDGE activities

D2.4 System Architecture Definition

D2.5 KPI identification and monitoring preparation

D3.1 Flexibility Sources Mapping, Analysis and Classification

D3.2 DER Flexibility Modelling

D3.3 P2X Flexibility Modelling and Specifications for an Intelligent P2H component

D3.4 Design of the SERVIFLEX tool

D3.5 SERVIFLEX tool Development v1

D4.1 Analysis of grid infrastructure conditions and pilot site formal analysis

D4.2 Operation and control of the grid services design

D4.3 Planning and Resilience monitoring of the grid

D4.4 Development of the GRIDFLEX tool v1

D5.1 Overview and outlook of market mechanisms

D5.2 Value Analysis Tool

D5.3 Design specification of MARKETFLEX tool

D5.4 MARKETFLEX tool v1

D6.1 Standards and data models

D6.2 Architecture of the flexible and scalable integrated platform

D6.3 Flexible and scalable integrated platform v1

D7.1 Pilot sites detailed Project Plan

D9.1 Plan for Exploitation and dissemination of results

D9.2 Communication Master Plan

D9.3 Dissemination and Communication activities Report v1

D9.4 Dissemination and Communication activities Report v2