X Flex


ETRA is the Project Coordinator and is responsible for design and development of the GRIDFLEX tool. ETRA is also the leader of WP9 “Dissemination, communication and exploitation activities” also the Dissemination and Communication Manager (DCOM) and Legal and Policy Issues Officer (LEPI). ETRA actively participates in all the X-FLEX tasks, being also the leader of some tasks in different WPs.

UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA is the Technological Manager (TM) of the project and will lead the WP5 “New energy market mechanisms” and WP8 “Impact assessment and replicability”.

PETROL, SLOVENIAN ENERGY COMPANY D.D., LJUBLJANA is responsible to coordinate the WP7 “Demonstration activities”. Additionally, Petrol will be responsible to lead and implement the Slovenian demo-case and will be the DEmonstration activities Manager (DEM).

ELEKTRO CELJE works to bring technical knowledge and experience on grid development, maintenance and operation to the development of X-FLEX tools. They are also the DSO in the area of the pilot site of Luče and they are also connected to pilot site Ravne.

ALBENA AD is the responsible of Bulgarian pilot site and actively contribute to the development of the solutions which X-FLEX is planning to address.

ELEKTROENERGIEN SISTEMEN OPERATOR EAD participates actively in the Bulgarian pilot site in order to demonstrate TSO and microgrid operator cooperation.

INSTITUTE OF COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTER SYSTEMS is responsible for the development of the WP6 “Flexible and scalable integrated platform”. Moreover, they provides technical support to the Greek pilot site.

HELLENIC ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION NETWORK OPERATOR S.A is the end user (DSO) and operates the electrical network of the Greek pilot site. HEDNO leads WP2 “Foundations of the project”.

SUITE5 DATA INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS LIMITED leads the work in WP3 about the definition of a flexibility measurement and management framework towards providing electricity grid services. In addition, SUITE5 actively contributes to the rest of the work in the X-FLEX project.

BLUEPRINT ENERGY SOLUTIONS is responsible for Inception plan and best practices analysis under WP2, and integration of distributed RES supporting grid flexibility under WP6.

SUNLIGHT GROUP ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS  are the organisers partners of the event in collaboration with ETRA I+D.is a microgrid operator and provides the necessary infrastructure for the development and testing of the power2gas flexibility solution in the Greek pilot site in Xanthi.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH FORSCHUNGSGESELLSCHAFT MBH is responsible for environmental and social impact assessment as well as business model development and regulation. JR is the Business and Innovation Manager (BIM).