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Comparing X-FLEX tools

X-FLEX partners and guest speakers compared X-FLEX tools with similar solutions developed by other projects or available on the market in the workshop “Tools optimizing and unlocking local flexibilities” organised by the project on 25th January 2023.  

More than 45 participants were part of this workshop to discuss energy market needs for energy flexibility tools, compare X-FLEX tools with similar solutions and understand enabling and limiting factors to deploy the X-FLEX tools or similar solutions.

The large extent to which the X-FLEX tools consider these aspects were highlighted. Replication of tools to control the grid, unlock, and manage flexibilities however face a range of barriers across different regions in Europe including different regulatory regimes.

There are also possible scalability issues due to integration with other tools, stressing the need to construct a common language to interact with other components to share the asset flexibility.  Also, high possible costs for integrated platforms were mentioned. Even though, for some tools training /education to use tools will be key.

The E-balance+ project highlighted different control domains deploying the software in local PCs that will manage the flexibility locally, with a decentralized database as an important feature enabling scalability. Trialog finally mentioned the lack of demand even from industrials for flexibility usage, partly caused by the lack of a common standard for flexibility-sharing protocols and terms of remuneration.

Download the presentations here.

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