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X-FLEX's Transformative Impact

After 48 months of relentless effort, the 11 X-FLEX partners have crafted digital tools aimed at enhancing flexibility and sustainability in the EU energy system. These innovative solutions were not only developed but also demonstrated across four pilot sites in Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Greece. Here's a glimpse of the remarkable impacts achieved:

1. Empowering Distribution Grid Flexibility

X-FLEX has significantly boosted the flexibility of distribution grids, aligning them with the vision of 50% electricity production from renewables by 2030. Notably, the GRIDFLEX tool played a pivotal role in enabling various flexibility-enhancing scenarios:

  • In Albena (Bulgaria), the optimization of load management in building clusters has opened the door to higher PV capacity installation.

  • Luče (Slovenia) explored the potential for increased PV capacity through local load optimization, especially beneficial in remote areas.

  • Ravne (Slovenia) demonstrated the feasibility of expanding PV in the local grid, leveraging boiler flexibility—a cost-effective solution where grid reinforcement is costly.

2. Shaping a Robust Electricity Market

X-FLEX has contributed to defining the conditions for a well-functioning electricity market, fostering a business case for flexibility providers. Key achievements include:

  • In Albena (Bulgaria), collaboration with the TSO expanded decentralized flexibility options, reducing the minimum capacity for flexibilities offered on markets.

  • Luče (Slovenia) conducted tests for a local flexibility market, supporting Slovenia's plans for its establishment.

3. Future-Ready Energy Load Management

X-FLEX has equipped the energy system to manage future loads, including electric vehicles (EVs):

  • In Albena (Bulgaria), there's potential for higher PV capacity installation, particularly in segments with high replication potential.

  • Luče (Slovenia) showcased the significance of managing energy community loads, emphasizing EVs and batteries in alignment with the EU's energy community rollout.

4. Enhancing Grid Operations for Renewable Integration

X-FLEX's innovations have improved distribution grid operations, ensuring security of supply and efficient use of flexibility products while integrating variable renewables. Notable impacts include:

  • Luče (Slovenia) resolved congestion using flexibilities and enhanced security of supply with load management and a community battery.

  • Xanthi (Greece) tested security of supply in extreme weather events, addressing the needs of remote areas and islands.

5. Socio-Economic Impacts

Beyond the technical achievements, X-FLEX has brought forth socio-economic benefits:

  • Cheaper electricity supply with higher renewable shares, a boon during the current energy crisis.

  • Greener and more sustainable tourism, increasing the allure of tourist destinations.

  • The demos, especially in Luče and Albena, have inspired interest from other stakeholders, showcasing the potential for broader adoption.

L a t e s t · N e w s

Rewatch the X-FLEX Final Event

If you missed out on the X-FLEX final event, "Digital Tools to Enhance Energy System Flexibility and Sustainability," hosted during the Sustainable Places Conference 2023 in Madrid, don't worry! You can now catch the entire event on YouTube. The organizers have thoughtfully recorded and made it available online for your convenience.

This event is a showcase of the remarkable outcomes achieved by the X-FLEX project, with a primary focus on the seamless integration of emerging decentralized renewable energy sources (RES) and flexibility systems into the existing European energy landscape. But that's not all – the event also features insights from two other Horizon 2020 projects, namely e-balance, Synergy, and FLOW. These projects will present their own results and the lasting impact they've generated throughout their journey and beyond. It's an opportunity you won't want to miss!
Watch here

Comparing X-FLEX tools

In a recent workshop titled "Tools Optimizing and Unlocking Local Flexibilities" X-FLEX partners and guest speakers conducted a comparative analysis of X-FLEX tools alongside similar solutions available in the market. The discussion highlighted the impressive extent to which X-FLEX tools consider essential aspects of grid control and flexibility management.
However, the replication of these tools faces hurdles stemming from diverse regulatory regimes across European regions. Additionally, integrating these tools with other systems may introduce scalability challenges, emphasizing the need for establishing a common language for asset flexibility sharing. Cost considerations for integrated platforms were raised, alongside the importance of training and education for tool utilization.
Read more

Workshop "How to become a flexibility and balancing service provider and save money-Albena"

On June 2, X-FLEX partners Albena DA and ESO organised the workshop, “How to become a Flexibility and balancing service provider and save/make money – Albena pilot site,”. The goal of the workshop was to showcase the X-FLEX platform and its accompanying tools, which are specifically created to help participants reduce their electricity bills, offer balancing services for improved grid security, and optimize energy consumption according to demand. The event took part in the EUSEW Sustainable Energy Days 2023.

Watch here

Meeting Ravne pilot site

Between 21-22 March 2023, the X-FLEX consortium celebrated its 9th General Meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and visited Ravne na Koroskem, one of the four pilot sites. The event was hosted by the University of Ljubljana and Petrol. During the meeting, the partners showed the demonstration activities done in the four pilot sites, the impact assessment and the potential replication of X-FLEX developments, and the exploitation actions ahead, and discussed the final event, where all final results and lessons learned will be exposed. But also, it was an opportunity to discuss unresolved matters and outline future actions.

    Read more

    New publications are out!

    Get deeper into X-FLEX!
    Our public deliverables will show you the key aspects of the project as well as, works and achievements, and much more!
    Check them out here

    New videos to meet the X-FLEX sites

    You can meet now on X-FLEX sites. Where are they located? What X-FLEX tools have they tested? What are the benefits of being part of X-FLEX?

    Watch here

    C o m i n g · E v e n t s

    X-FLEX & ebalance-plus Workshop

    On the 14th of September 2023, X-FLEX and ebalance-plus projects organise the workshop “Business cases and Replicability of Promising Energy Flexibility Technologies”.

    Registration here

    X-FLEX Round Table in Slovenia

    In September, the project will organise a round table event hosted by X-FLEX’s Slovenian pilot sites.

    N e x t · s t e p s

    • To finalize the demonstration activities of the final version of the 4 tools in the XFLEX pilot sites.
    • Organisation of workshops in the Slovenian pilot sites to address local stakeholders.
    • Scientific publications pending to be approved.
    • Submission of the latest deliverables.
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