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Efficient, cost-effective,

and integrated solutions by X-FLEX

At this stage, we're thrilled to share that X-FLEX partners are actively developing a set of efficient, cost-effective, and integrated solutions. These solutions aim to seamlessly combine decentralized flexibility assets on both the generation (DER) and demand (V2G, power-to-heat/cold/gas, batteries, demand response) sides. This innovation empowers all stakeholders, including end prosumers, to contribute their flexibility, ultimately benefiting the entire smart grid value chain.

In this newsletter, we're excited to delve into how these tools will enhance grid sustainability and resilience. SERVIFLEX, GRIDFLEX, and MARKEFLEX are complementary products, offering valuable services to a wide range of energy stakeholders, from network operators (TSO, DSO, microgrid operators) to end consumers/prosumers and flexibility providers. This inclusivity extends to other intermediaries like retailers and aggregators, fostering a more robust and responsive energy ecosystem.

Until now, research and solutions for managing Distributed Energy Resources (DER) flexibility have mostly focused on specific energy sources and technologies, often overlooking the broader network's flexibility potential. SERVIFLEX tool aims to harness synergies across all energy flexibility sources and technologies, optimizing decentralized flexibility assets throughout the entire energy value chain. At the core of SERVIFLEX is the Application layer, which analyses raw data from various DERs to model and forecast their operation for flexibility extraction. These modeling approaches are integrated into software bundles, creating microservices for managing different flexible assets: DER profiling (generation, battery, and EV charging point assets), P2X profiling (P2G and P2H solutions), and Demand Side Flexibility profiling (demand side assets). A common semantic layer ensures seamless integration of modeling outputs within the framework. Above this layer is the flexibility aggregation & clustering component, responsible for aggregating available flexibility from diverse sources and making it accessible to aggregators or third-party entities (marketplace).

GRIDFLEX is a comprehensive solution for grid and microgrid operators, offering automatic control and observability of distribution networks. Its core architecture consists of microservice modules that take specific inputs, perform calculations, and generate outputs, which are stored internally or sent to other modules or external sources. Key modules in the GRIDFLEX backend include modules to predict power flow in the grid, enhance system visibility and help anticipate issues, provide real-time knowledge of the distribution grid's state, identify power quality violations and overloading, to offer short-term forecasts for grid elements, to estimates potential congestion events in the near future, to trigger automatic notifications based on predefined rules, to analyse energy usage trends to detect potentially fraudulent behavior, to asses system resilience under extreme weather conditions, to simplify grid design using predefined electrical components, to provides DSOs with future scenarios of DER penetration and their impact on the grid, and to coordinates strategies for accessing the flexibility service of MARKETFLEX through various algorithms.

MARKETFLEX facilitates cooperation between distribution system operators (DSOs) and aggregators to manage congestion risks in the distribution network. Its main innovation establishes distribution-level markets, allowing small-scale flexibility units to participate in congestion management with 15-minute granularity. In low voltage networks, it creates local markets for consumers, prosumers, and flexibility providers through aggregators or Balancing Responsible Parties (BRPs). In medium and high voltage networks, MARKETFLEX acts as an intermediary between energy suppliers, BRPs, spot exchanges, and transmission system operators (TSOs).

MARKETFLEX's core features include innovative capacity trading mechanisms, Traffic Light signals, the Distribution Grid Cooperation Module (DGCM), and decentralized blockchain-based capacity trading. The capacity trading mechanisms support DSOs in ensuring power supply security and quality, addressing challenges in low and medium-voltage network operations. The Traffic Light system adapts market processes based on grid conditions, with three phases: green, yellow, and red. The DGCM safeguards distribution grid conditions when participating in wholesale markets. Finally, blockchain technology and smart contracts enhance security and decentralization, particularly in local flexibility markets.

L a t e s t · N e w s

X-FLEX Energy Talk Shines Light on Energy System Resilience

As a vital part of the X-FLEX initiative's participation in the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2022 (EUSEW 2022), a compelling talk was organized under the title "Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link: Unleashing Innovation for Energy System Resilience Against the Unknown."
This engaging discussion highlighted the critical need for innovative solutions that ensure the availability of primary energy sources and the security of our energy supply. The spotlight was on the European Commission-funded X-FLEX project, which is dedicated to preparing for the unknown by developing cutting-edge tools. These tools aim to empower various energy stakeholders in building more resilient, decentralized, and secure energy systems accessible to all.
In addition to the enlightening Energy Talk, X-FLEX also hosted a booth at the Energy Fair, where it welcomed visitors interested such as other EU energy initiatives and related projects. This event provided a valuable platform for networking and sharing the latest developments and demonstrations in X-FLEX.

Xanthi Pilot Completed Most of the Equipment Field Installation

In this period, HEDNO has completed most of the equipment field installation activities in the Xanthi pilot site (Greece) to reach “Green flexibility for network resilience”. That equipment includes ethernet and Wi-Fi SLAM meter installation procedure in HEDNO’s premises, as well as in residential customers has been finalized, whereas 3G SLAMs installation has already been initiated.

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A Look Back at the ENLIT 2022 EU Projects Zone

The X-FLEX project hosted a booth at the EU Projects Zone of ENLIT 2022 in Frankfurt from November 29 to December 1. In addition, it took part in various Hub sessions during the event.

    Read more

    Bulgarian National TV Interviews Albena Pilot

    Albena partners gave an interview to the Bulgarian National Television on how they manage their energy consumption and production. They also explained how the X-FLEX solutions will enable self-optimization, balancing services, and flexibility management.

    Watch here

    New publications are out!

    Get deeper into X-FLEX!
    Our public deliverables will show you the key aspects of the project as well as, works and achievements, and much more!
    Check them out here

    Video interviews with X-FLEX

    You can meet now X-FLEX partners. Who are they?; what are their roles?; what are they expecting from the project?

    Watch here

    C o m i n g · E v e n t s

    X-FLEX Workshop: Tools Optimising and Unlocking Local Flexibilities

    The X-FLEX project organises the online and free-of-charge workshop “Tools optimizing and unlocking local flexibilities” on 25th January 2023. In this event, X-FLEX partners and guest speakers will compare X-FLEX tools with similar solutions developed in other projects or available on the market.

    Registration here

    N e x t · s t e p s

    • To finalize the demonstration activities of the final version of the 4 tools in the XFLEX pilot sites.
    • Organisation of workshops in the Bulgarian and Slovenian pilot sites to address local stakeholders.
    • Organisation of the Final Event together with other related H2020 projects.
    • Scientific publications pending to be approved.
    • Visit Ravne and Xanthi pilot sites.
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