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X-FLEX Workshop: Tools optimizing and unlocking local flexibilities

The X-FLEX project organises the online and free-of-charge workshop “Tools optimizing and unlocking local flexibilities” on 25th January 2023. In this event, X-FLEX partners and guest speakers will compare X-FLEX tools with similar solutions developed in other projects or available on the market. As well as, to discuss market needs for flexibility tools and to understand enabling and limiting factors to deploy flexibility tools. The event will feature guest speakers from EDSO, ENG and CEMOSA.

X-FLEX has developed a range of tools aimed at facilitating the optimum combination of decentralised flexibility assets, both on the side and on the demand side, power-to-heat/cold/gas, batteries, demand response), enabling all parties, including final prosumers, to offer their flexibility in the market creating benefits to all the actors in the smart grid value chain.

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Check the agenda here.

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