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X-FLEX platform at the 13th ETIP SNET Regional Workshop

On 9th November X-FLEX has participated in the parallel session “Digitalisation: Monitoring and Control; Semantic Interoperability” of the online 13th ETIP SNET Regional Workshop.

The workshop was a unique opportunity to learn about research and innovation projects around Europe and contribute to the identification of gaps, challenges, and priorities.

During the parallel session on digitalisation, challenges identified in monitoring and control were not only on access to devices but increasingly achieving interoperability and communication. Therefore, interoperability has been identified as the crucial and main challenge for developing new services for different users and digitalised platforms in order to different monitoring and control systems, flexible units both on generation (DER) and demand-side and different services communicate and exchange data themselves.

The X-FLEX platform has been presented by explaining different elements of platform architecture that support different data models, communication standards, and various communication protocols, which cover interoperability and allow communication, data and information exchange between X-FLEX tools (SERVIFLEX, MARKETFLEX, and GRIDFLEX), flexible and monitoring assets and horizontal modules.

Within the Χ-FLEX framework, several solutions will be deployed and tested following a multi-technology and multi-actor approach to achieve its scientific, technical, and business objectives. For this reason, interoperability among various elements of the power system is required.

Interoperability is one of the main pillars of the X-FLEX platform, and it is a crucial factor in successfully demonstrating the products that the X-FLEX initiative developed. The X-FLEX platform integrates all the X-FLEX solutions in order to provide services for all the energy actors and ensure a more secure, stable and clean energy supply to enable the local electricity marketplace leveraging flexibility assets. It will provide a high-performance and reliable middleware that will integrate and serve as the service bus for all the sub-systems, services, and actors of the X-FLEX project.

Download the presentation here.

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