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X-FLEX after 18 months of work

The X-FLEX project celebrates that its first phase (preparation) has covered successfully after 18 months of work. Time to share main achievements reached!

The project requirements have been definedfollowing the Volere methodology. In total 194 requirements have been identified, those have been classified into five groups (one per product, general and interaction among tools) and have been also prioritized.

The X-FLEX consortium has described and analysed the project use cases (UCs), based on the use case methodology IEC 62559-2:2015 standard. In total, 31 use cases have been described following an iterative process. As well, it has developed the architecture of the use cases using a systematic approach based on the SGAM framework.

In order to design and develop the four tools of the project (GRIDFLEX, MARKETFLEX, SERVIFLEX and X-FLEX platform) it has been analysed in detail the situation and preconditions of the project pilot sites. Additionally, the pilot sites have defined how the project activities in the different X-FLEX demonstrations will be executed, monitored and controlled, including the work plan together with a Gantt chart.

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