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What’s new in MARKETFLEX?

MARKETFLEX, the tool that enables aggregators, Balancing Responsible Party (BRPs), and DSOs to trade capacity and flexibility services, is reaching its final version.

Last year, the tool specifications have been defined and the communication process between MARKETFLEX and the other actors has been agreed upon.

Since then, the development of the MARKETFLEX tool has been ongoing. Among the main functionalities of the tool, two market segments are already available: day-ahead and intraday. The last segment, ancillary services, was released in September. Now, the testing session is begun with onsite activities to make sure that the algorithms are running smoothly and the signals are well received by all units. We are especially eager to test our innovative clearing algorithms, named “premium capacity”, “social equity 1” and “social equity 2” in the local market of Luče!

In the final straight for the development of the MARKETFLEX platform’s functionalities, the connection to the external wholesale market for Ravne and Albena pilots is achieved and tested from September.

By the end of the year, we will gather enough data to give the first insights from our local markets.

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