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Participating in the latest TRINITY Coffee Break

X-FLEX has participated in the latest TRINITY Coffee Break together with the Horizon 2020 projects CROSSBOW, and  Synergy.

This session aimed to explain synergies between them, complementary actions, resources, and tools shared, as well as their joint work within the BRIDGE initiative since all are members of it.

“One aspect that connects all these projects together is the blockchain technology. So, in X-FLEX we are going to use the blockchain technology to set up the Market Flex tool in a more decentralised manner so all market participants can trust each other and be able to operate in a trusted environment. “ explains Ioannis Vlachos from ICCS (Greece)

Meet Morana Lončar (KONCAR-KET, Croatia) and Hrvoje Keko (KONCAR-KET, Croatia) both partners of TRINITY, Synergy, and CROSSBOW; Ioannis Vlachos (ICCS, Greece) partner of CROSSBOW, TRINITY, X-FLEX; Álvaro Nofuentes (ETRA, Spain) partner of TRINITY, and Raquel Castán (ETRA, Spain) partner of CROSSBOW, TRINITY, X-FLEX.

Watch the video below.

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